Role & Responsibilities Of A Civil Engineer

Role & Responsibilities Of A Civil Engineer

Civil engineering is counted amongst the oldest branches of engineering. When we think about construction then buildings and bridges are the things that pop up in our minds. You can count roads, airports, railways, and all the things that are designed in front of you as the work of civil engineering that comes under structural engineering. There are some less visible structures made by civil engineers such as water faucets, etc. Then there is sanitary engineering too. So, there are different parts of civil engineering that develop from large to small scale items. Civil engineers are responsible for creating a lot more things than designing buildings and bridges only.

Role of Civil Engineers

Civil engineers can be found everywhere and in every industry, including aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, power, and various other industries. A civil engineer is obligated to plan, design, and manage the entire construction work of a particular structure or infrastructure. In simple terms, it can be said that civil engineers build. Architects only design the structures but civil engineers check the feasibility of those designs. Students who are studying civil engineering as a subject would require excellent Civil Engineering Assignment Help. For this purpose, students can contact My Academic Helps. The subject matter experts of this online platform offer the most suitable guidance over civil engineering assignments.

What are the Responsibilities of a Civil Engineer? 

The chief responsibilities of a civil engineer are:

1. Civil engineers are responsible for assessing and completing a feasibility study of any construction site considering diverse factors such as the impact on nature and the environment.

2. Civil engineers are responsible for planning the construction work beforehand by following a systematic process. They have to ensure a smooth flow of work so every step should be carefully planned.

3. Civil engineer is responsible to complete the entire assigned work within the set budget. And, if the budget is not set then he can calculate the budget by keeping into account the raw materials, machine and equipment cost, labor cost, etc., and set the budget accordingly.

4. It is the prime duty of a civil engineer to check the construction process. A civil engineer has to be on-site to see the construction process and for checking the quality at every step.

5. The final inspection is done by the civil engineer only. He is responsible for checking the safety of the structure and preparing the report while labeling the construction work as complete.

So, civil engineers create such constructions that benefit everyone. They need to possess skills like planning, organizing, technical, scientific, budgeting, and various others to meet the construction needs.

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