How to Write a Nursing Annotated Bibliography

How to Write a Nursing Annotated Bibliography?

What is annotated bibliography? And how it is included in the nursing research? Struggling with such questions as you are assigned with an assignment over the same topic? Keep on reading to know the details of the annotated bibliography.

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

An annotated bibliography is a list that includes different types of resources that are descriptive in nature. The list includes websites, sound recordings, books, articles, films, and much more. All of them focuses on the same theme. And every entry done in an annotated bibliography is supported by a complete citation. An annotation can also include few sentences to diverse paragraphs depending on the nature and requirement of the subject.

Now what is citation? A citation offers complete information about the title, author, source, and publisher of a particular subject. In citation, there comes the referencing styles. The formatting is done according to one of the style manuals such as MLA, CBE, APA, or Chicago/Turabian.

So, annotation is clearly related to citation and referencing styles. It offers an informative description in a concise manner to the reader. All the information is summarized and evaluated. It is different from the abstract as this type only summarizes the original content. Annotation offers a balance between summary and evaluation and includes the following:

  • It describes the content of the resource in a brief manner.
  • It evaluates the usefulness of the topic like in this case the topic is nursing.
  • It explains the methodology that is used in the topic.
  • It draws the attention to many themes that are addressed in the resource.
  • It highlights the weaknesses and strengths.
  • It discusses the trustworthiness of the author or source
  • It critically evaluates the content for authority, biasness, and accuracy.

What includes in Nursing Annotated Bibliography?

nursing annotated bibliography includes the list of resources that includes references, bibliographies, cited work, consulted work, and much more. It includes the brief summary of the sources that has been gathered for preparing the article, report, book, or topic. An annotation includes around 150-200 words that evaluates the accuracy, relevancy, and quality of the sources. Also, it summarizes and analyses the content and conclusion. The annotation is different from abstracts because abstracts are descriptive summaries only where as annotations are both descriptive and critical.

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