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University of South Australia (UniSA)

University of South Australia (UniSA)

The University of South Australia (UniSA) was founded in 1991 and is a public research university affiliated with Universities Australia, the Australian Technological Network, and the Council of Commonwealth Universities. The South Australian Institute of Science and Technology and the South Australian School of Advanced Education were combined to create the university. The commerce, law, administration, economics, engineering, medicine, and visual arts departments, as well as numerous research centres, are located on the university's main campus. A public art gallery is also present.

The campus offers all the amenities needed by the on-campus students. Thousands of publications, magazines, textbooks, and scientific papers can be found in the institute's library. Additionally, students have access to the library's online books. On-campus, they encounter a supportive learning atmosphere. Additionally, the facility has an auditorium, digital classrooms, and labs. The institution participates in discussions, seminars, festivals, events, and contests. The university has 31,966 students enrolled in it. Both undergraduate and graduate degrees are available. The university's academic program is divided into several schools, including the College of Nursing, the College of Art and Architecture, the School of Environment and Biodiversity Environment, the School of Marketing, the School of Data Technology and Computational Mathematics, the School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, the School of Commerce, the School of Law, the School of Creative Fields, and indeed the School of Engineering.

The vast selection of courses allows students the freedom to select according to their areas of Interest. Additionally, educated professors teach students. In addition, many business experts come to the institution to give guest lectures, conduct hands-on workshops and participate in interactive sessions. The university is home to the Bass Center for Marketing and the Centre for Cancer Biology, two research facilities and centers. Additionally, students can gain experience by working as interns for reputable businesses.

Featured Courses

What types of courses are offered to students from other countries?

Over 200 top-notch degrees in various academic disciplines are available from UniSA. Additionally, the institution in South Australia is the only one to provide undergraduate degrees in multiple fields, including surveying, physiotherapy, journalism, pharmacy, illustration, and animation. In addition, UniSA is the only institution in the state to provide postgraduate courses in management of the arts, telecommunications, special effects, and cybersecurity. The institution offers a variety of research degrees, including a Professional Doctorate, a Master by Research, and a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.). The following fields of study provide undergraduate, graduate, and research degrees:

  • Australian and Aboriginal Studies
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Architectural style
  • Management of Construction, Modern Art, and Creative Industries
  • Designing Instruction and Education
  • Engineering
  • Science of the Environment
  • Medical Sciences
  • Exercise, Sport, and Human Movement Physiology
  • Service to humans
  • Technology Information
  • Journalism
  • Laboratory Medicine Languages
  • HRM and legal management
  • Marketing
  • Mathematics
  • Science in Medical Radiation Arts in Media
  • Nursing and midwifery
  • Science of Food and Nutrition
  • Workplace Therapy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Physiotherapy
  • Psychology
  • Tourism, sports, and events in social work


There are two campuses in the heart of Adelaide, each on North Terrace; two in the suburbs of Mawson Lakes and Magill; two in rural South Australia; and two in the city of Mawson Lakes, formerly of the Levels (Whyalla and Mount Gambier). In conjunction with private universities like Hong Kong Baptist University and certain other institutions of higher learning around Asia, the University of South Australia also offers distance learning degree programs.

East City
Brookman Hall is a part of City East Campus.
On the former site of the South Australian Institute of Science and Technology and, before that, the School of Mines, near the intersection of North Terrace and Frome Road, close to the University of Adelaide. In recent years, the school has undergone numerous building renovations and additions.

West City
The City West School is housed in buildings built in the 1990s for the new campus and is situated at the junction of North Terrace and Morphett Street (inside the city). It is located between North Terrace and Hindley Street.
A $167 million, 6-year asset plan called Blueprint 2005 also included new construction, which resulted in the construction of the A $35 million Hawke tower, which was named in honour of the former Australian Prime Minister.

The Campus of UniSA in Magill
The Magill Campus is situated on St. Bernard's Road. Its present areas of emphasis span some fields in education, the humanities, and social science, including psychotherapy, human services, mass communications, media affairs, journalism, and the research of creative fields.

The Mawson Lakes
Technology, research, civil aerospace, applied research, sports science, e-commerce, and environmental studies programs are currently offered at Mawson Lakes (previously The Levels). The campus is also home to a large number of research institutes around the world, such as the Futures Industries Institute (FII), which carries out studies in architecture and the hard sciences that are relevant to the industry. Numerous industrial partnerships in the aerospace and defense sectors are also housed on the campus.

Whyalla offers foundation studies, childcare services, primary teaching, engineering, social work, nursing, and other programs.

Mt. Gambier
The Mount Gambier Campus of UniSA, located in southeast South Australia's Limestone Coast, opened its doors in 2005 and served students and researchers who live in rural areas. Undergraduate programs in healthcare, human services, primary and childhood years studies, and UniSA Foundations Study, which trains students for postsecondary study, are available at Mount Gambier. The Mount Gambier Learning Center had its grand opening in 2016.

Documents Required & Eligibility

What conditions must be met to be eligible?

The Australian Year 12 curriculum, a program equivalent to their home country, a recognized Pathways or Foundations Studies Program, or another recognized program, must be completed by applicants who wish to enroll in an undergraduate program at UniSA. To apply, international students must do so through the South Australian Tertiary Admission Center (SATAC).

Several of our degrees provide practical experiences, including excursions and industrial placements to improve your abilities and increase employability. We collaborate with businesses to produce curricula and encourage open. Additionally, UQ allows undergraduate students to obtain two bachelor's degrees concurrently, albeit it will take less time than if pursued separately.

An individual must have earned a bachelor's degree from an Australian institution of higher learning, its overseas equivalent, or have similar professional work experience.

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