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University of Notre Dame (UNDA)

University of Notre Dame (UNDA) in Australia

The University of Notre Dame is a private Catholic institution with a student body of over 12,000 students, 10% of whom are abroad. In addition to its primary campus in Fremantle, the university operates academic programs in Sydney and Broome. The Center for Health Studies, Nulungu Research Institute, and the Research Center for Ethics and Society are among the three research institutes spread over the campuses. International students studying in Australia can choose from various undergraduate, postgraduate, and research courses offered by the university's nine schools and colleges. Overseas students can apply to the University of Notre Dame for Semester 2 admissions until June of that year. The cost of tuition at Notre Dame varies from AUD 31,000 to AUD 45,500 for various courses. Notre Dame has a graduate employment rate of roughly 78.6%, significantly higher than the general population's average of 70.9 percent. Within three years of graduation, 92.7 percent of Notre Dame undergrads were provided extensive work prospects in Australia, according to the continuous Graduation Outcomes Survey findings.

Accommodation and University of Notre Dame Campus in Australia

The University of Notre Dame, with campuses in Broome, Fremantle, and Sydney, is a leading Australian institution. The University of Notre Dame's Fremantle campus has 53 buildings and houses the schools of creative arts, commerce, teaching, medical sciences, legislation, midwives, physical therapy, philosophy, and politics.

The Broome Site is situated in Australia's famous Kimberley area. Nulungu Research Institution's native title, weather change, organizational landscapes, and linguistics are all found here.

Notre Dame's Sydney campus is split between Broadway and Darlinghurst. There are 13 buildings on the Broadway campus house the colleges of science and arts, commerce, teaching, legislation, and theology. The University's Faculties of Health Care Professions are located on the Darlinghurst campus.

The University of Notre Dame has a presence in Australia.

International students can choose from various on-campus accommodation options at the Fremantle location, including double or single rooms. Surfing, soccer matches, movie evenings, and barbecues are among the activities open to students residing in the College of Notre Dame Housing Halls. On-campus residence halls include Port Lodge, P & O Hotel, and Cleopatra Hotel, among the hotels.

Off-campus student housing in Australia is also available to international students. Off-campus housing: Education providers at Notre Dame can assist students with locating off-campus housing, renting a place, or living in a flatshare.
Admissions to the University of Notre Dame in Australia
Overseas students applying for access to the University of Notre Dame must be 18 years old when they use. Each program has its own set of academic requirements and entry criteria.

The following are the university's admittance requirements:

  • Portal for submitting applications
  • Admission Requirements: Apply Online/Download the Form
  • Academic transcripts with accreditation
  • Examinations for research in Australia are significant numbers.
  • Certified copy of residency or citizenship documentation
  • Verification of financial ability to pay for educational expenses while in Australia.
  • Declaration of Purpose (For Undergrad Programs)
  • Revised CV/Resume Proposition for Research (For Grad Programs Only)
  • Interviewing Process

Services for Career Development:

From the first year to a year and a half after graduation, the College of Notre Dame's career services provides invaluable assistance. Students can schedule appointments through the CareerHub site to receive additional services such as work and career resources, career counseling, and attendance at professional events and conferences.

Support for career management includes

  • Taking a class and making a career plan
  • Resumes, cover letters, and explanations of selection criteria are all part of the job application process.
  • Guidance on networking
  • Skills and approaches for conducting interviews in the future
  • The University of Notre Dame is well known for its employability and for providing students with professional skills. With a choice of residential options and affordable tuition prices, Notre Dame is a highly desired institution for Masters in Australia.
  • During their course, students receive high-quality academic work and high academic support.

Our core faith asks us to acknowledge all students' intrinsic dignity and live in partnership with them. Notre Dame aspires to fulfill this mission by building a community that fosters mutual understanding and equal opportunity for everyone.

Diversity and Inclusion Principles

Our dedication to diversity and inclusion stems from our objectives for the society we choose to be, the educational environment they want to provide our children, and the personal integrity they will build while with us. It is crucial to our mission, who we are, and what we aspire to be.

Everyone's dignity should be respected

From conception to old age, we affirm the inalienable inherent dignity of every human being, regardless of color, country of origin, spiritual tradition, gender, socioeconomic level, immigrant status, gender preference, or anything else.

Create a Notre Dame society where everyone can thrive

Humans are inherently social creatures, and individual flourishing is only possible in a social framework in which we all have obligations to others who have corresponding commitments. We work together to achieve the common good, defined as any organization and its citizens' ability to develop independently and collaboratively.

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