What is CSS and What are Its Types

What is CSS and What are Its Types?

The study of CSS includes a detailed analysis of the programming language known as Cascading Style Sheets. This is a stylesheet language used to describe the presentation of a document that was initially written in XML or HTML. With the help of the CSS programming language, it becomes easier to render the elements on the screen, on paper, on other media, or in speech format. There are three types of cascading style sheets: inline CSS, internal or Embedded CSS, and external CSS. Students studying this fantastic language need to get help with their assignments. CSS Assignment Help is available to students at a low cost through My Academic Helps.

Three Types of Cascading Style Sheets

CSS is used for setting the style of web pages that include HTML elements. There are three significant types of CSS:

1. Inline CSS: The incline CSS includes the CSS property in the body section attached with the element. This is known as inline CSS. This type of style is stated within an HTML tag by using the style attribute. 

2. External CSS: The external CSS includes a separate CSS file that contains only style properties with the assistance of tag attributes such as id, class, heading, etc. The properties of CSS are written in a separate file having a .css extension. It should be linked to the HTML document with a link tag. This means that style can only be set once for each element, which will be applied across all web pages. 

3. Internal or Embedded CSS: This type is widely used when a single HTML document is uniquely styled. The CSS rule should be applied in the head section within the HTML file, which means the CSS should be embedded within the HTML file. 

Different Properties of CSS

The Inline CSS type has the highest priority. After that, internal/embedded and external CSS come. Different types of style sheets can be defined on a single page. For the HTML tag, the styles should be defined in the below order: 

  • Inline styles supersede any style that follows internal and external style sheets.
  • The internal, or Embedded, one is in the second stage, and it supersedes the styles present in the external style sheet.
  • The external style sheets have the minimum priority. If there is no style in both the inline or internal style sheets, then the rules of the external style sheet get applied to the HTML tags.

What are the supported browsers for CSS?

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Firefox

CSS is the foundation of web pages and is used to develop different websites in the form of styling websites and various web pages. Students can get CSS Assignment help online from experts by contacting My Academic Helps. The subject matter experts help complete the challenging assignments of the students and ensure that they get good grades on their submissions. Please contact My Academic Helps for any assignment help.

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