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What do you mean by Safewards? 

Safewards is nothing but a program that helps the clients and staff work together for making a safe ward. Here safe means a relaxing and positive spot. Safewards is generally an approach for improving safety and curtailing war in inpatient mental health units. There is a wide range of strategies and interventions in the Safewards approach such as: 

Mutual expectations:

It helps to communicate openly and build collaboration between staff and patients. 

Managing triggers: 

It helps to detect the catalyst for conflict and formulates strategies to handle them like producing a quiet and relieving atmosphere. 

Reducing stress:

It helps to encourage believing and stress-reducing actions like music or exercise. 

Strengthening relationships:

It helps to build positive bonding between staff and patients with the help of group therapy or peer support actions. 

Clear communication:

It is very important to improve communication between patients and staff by using simple and clear language and clarifying the decisions that are taken. 

What are the various kinds of Safe Wards Mental Health Practice assignments that we cover? 

Safewards have different kinds of assignments. Apart from it we also provide Solidworks assignment help to the students. We try our best to cover almost all types of assignments. Some of our popular assignments on Safewards are as follows: 

Case studies:

It is all about analyzing a case of a particular patient and detecting how to apply Safewards strategies for improving their care and curtailing the threat of warfare or harm. 

Scenario-based exercises:

It is all about creating hypothetical scenarios in which war or damage can happen in an inpatient mental health unit and detecting how to apply Safewards strategies for avoiding or handling these types of situations. 

Group discussions:

It is all about fetching together mental health workers and patients for discussing their understanding and experience of conflict and safety on the unit and detecting ways to apply Safewards strategies for improving safety and reducing conflict. 

Reflective practice exercises:

It is a topic where mental health workers reflect on their knowledge and concepts of safety on the unit and detect the ways how to improve their policy and apply Safewards strategies in their work.

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